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Family Owned & Small Business Mediation


Small businesses are essential to the economy, and to the financial stability of many families.  And indeed, many small businesses take on the dynamics of family businesses in the course of their operation.  Sadly, only 30% of family businesses survive into the second generation, and just 16% survive into the 3rd generation.  Moreover, family legacies and the aspirations of future generations are at the heart of the success of a family businesses.  Thus, if a problem arises within the businesses, or within the family as it pertains to the business, it is often essential for the health of both to facilitate the mechanisms necessary for the quick resolution or outright avoidance of those conflicts altogether.  Negotiating such important issues often requires input from many stakeholders.  


Our role is to facilitate planning for the future, assist with immediate business and financial decision making, and oversee conversations between stakeholders to help them make solid, fully informed personal, strategic, and financial decisions.  


We are focused on helping our clients assure a foundation on which their small or family business is strong and sustainable, while maintaining family harmony for those directly involved in the business and for stakeholders who are pursuing other paths. 


Our passion for keeping small and family businesses thriving and families united, paired with our more than 30 years experience in law, business, strategic planning, and mediation helps us to be a catalyst for exponential sustainable growth, and to establish focus on the needs and best interests of every small or family business and every family member.  

Among the Services We Offer…


  • Evaluating Business Practices, Governance, & Mission 

  • Hiring & Training; Determining Best Practices to Maximize Skill & Potential & Minimize Conflict

  • Strategic Planning & Establishment of Goals for the Future 

  • Review & Analysis of Past & Present Business Performances

  • Determining Best Practices for Conflict Avoidance & Resolution

  • Planning for Sale of the Business, or Transfer of Ownership & Authority Through Succession

  • Executive One on One Coaching to Help Entrepreneurs, Personnel, & Leadership

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