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  Anastasia is an energetic, passionate, and down to earth speaker and instructor. She provides seminars to groups of not  for profits, business, social service, academic institutes, religious organizations, attorneys, non-attorneys, and students. 

Some of the seminar topics have included:

  • Keeping You and Your Service Business on Track

  • Team Building and Effective Leadership

  • Social Impact Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

  • Do I need a Will?

  • Finding an Effective Negotiation Style

  • First Steps in Contemplating and Starting up a New Business

  • How to Find the Right Location and Space for your Business and Negotiating your Lease

  • Creating a Productive and Inclusive Not for Profit Board

  • Finding Your Signature Strengths

  • Essentials of Creating a Successful Strategic Plan and Map

  • What you should know before you Buy or Sell a Business

  • How to Prepare Ahead for a More Effective Visit with your Lawyer

  • How to Maximize your mediation experience

  • What to Consider Before Passing Your Business on to the Next Generation and Steps to a Successful Succession Plan

  • Eldercare and Handling of End of Life Issues for Elders and Adult Siblings

  • Strategies for Effective Budgeting and Financial Strength and Intelligence

  • Dignity in Leadership

  • What Investors Look For In a Startup

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