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 Anastasia Sarantos Taskin, a former private investigator and Massachusetts Public Defender has maintained a general criminal and civil litigation practice in Massachusetts and New York for more than 30 years and a commercial, bioethics and community mediation practice since 2015. While in law school, she studied statistics, accounting and organizational management at the Bentley Graduate School of Business.

       An advocate of debate and inclusive civil engagement, Anastasia served as a volunteer neutral co-facilitator for the Office of the NYC Mayor of a series of dialogues between Harlem residents and police officers from their local precinct and is an arbitrator with FINRA’s Dispute Resolutions Services. Due to her ease and experience in working with diverse groups with diverse, often sensitive interests, Anastasia has been engaged by organizations to conduct internal interviews, debriefings, and conflict resolutions. She has a reputation of actively listening to her clients and offering solid legal and creative solutions, keeping them engaged at every step.


In addition, in the past decade, Anastasia has established a track record of success as an energetic, insightful, and creative communication, strategy, and leadership coach helping managers, community leaders, executives, professionals, and non-profit leadership in both secular and religious arenas, sharpen their message, clarify, and implement their goals and strategy, and perfect their communication and team building skills.  Because of her background and extensive experience in local and statewide volunteer recruitment, training, mobilization, and oversight, as well as in board leadership, legislative advocacy, community partnering, donor development and major event planning, she has offered valuable guidance to civic engagement efforts and not for profits. 


Anastasia has actively served on numerous hospital and other charitable boards, and held roles in leadership, legislative advocacy, grassroots and major donor fundraising, special events, volunteer recruitment, community partnering and education and strategic planning. She committed more than 500 hours as an ER hospital volunteer and was a book narrator for the Recording for the Blind organization. Having competed in her youth, Anastasia was a volunteer rhetoric and debate coach and NSDA judge for Presentation of Mary Academy in Hudson, New Hampshire and received debate coaching at Georgetown University, Bates College, and University of Maine, Orono. Most recently, Anastasia served as a community ambassador for the Red Cross of NYC and since 2017, running the NYC Marathon, has raised more than $ 20K for Red Cross Disaster Relief and Sloan Kettering Cancer Research. In 2018, she served on the NYC Bar Pro Bono working group which created a LEGAL EMERGENCY PLAN: a method of notifying and mobilizing pro bono legal services in the event of an emergency.

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