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TASKIN Law and Mediation is committed to our clients’ objectives offering advice, guidance and creative solutions that meet their needs. Ultimately, our goal is for our clients to thrive.

Our firm offers a significant amount of pro bono services and supports and is dedicated to efforts which counter homelessness, poverty, food insecurity, hate crime and illiteracy.


Some of our recent efforts include:

2017-18: We offered legal advice to community efforts which safely congregated Muslims, undocumented individuals, and Green Card holders from the “Travel Ban Countries” to answer their legal questions relative to immigration, safety, inaccessibility to the courts, availability of legal services, and the temporary succession custody planning for their minor children in the event of their own deportation or arrest. (Here we thank Jackie Haberfeld of Kirkland and Ellis in NYC for inviting us to attend their firm’s training in specific temporary custody solutions vs. permanent guardianships)

In addition, we provided hands-on advocacy on behalf of US Green Card small business owners and individuals from the “Travel Ban” Countries whose civil rights were infringed by banking services and commercial insurance companies who either denied them access to products and services or put them through a long line of intrusive and excessive inquiry and form completions which in some cases bore a resemblance to bail applications used in the criminal courts. 

During the initial year of the pandemic, TLM provided pro bono services in New York and New Jersey:

  1. Assisting small businesses renegotiate leases and supply contracts, partner with other small businesses to improve their buying potential, convert their services into products for ease in selling on their website and helping them with executive functioning and  improving the quality of their service and processes.

  2. Coaching an unemployed professional on establishing a successful consulting business and 

  3. Offering help in the dissemination of information to households where domestic violence or IPV may exist that despite the temporary suspension of non-profit support services, law enforcement and the courts remained open and available to assist them legally or with other resources.  


Currently, we are in the process of developing a special needs tutoring program offering remedial literacy tutoring training and support to single parents enabling them to improve their own reading and comprehension skills and tutor their children.

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