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  Taskin Law & Mediation

 General Practice 

 555 Fifth Avenue Floor 14 New York   -  New York   10017
Tlf:   917-364-0214 


"Moreover, our Firm, is committed to providing legal services without charge to those experiencing civil or human rights violations or other constitutional infringement that impacts their lives."

A world without Pancreatic Cancer

For the second year, will be running the NYC Marathon to raise money for Sloan Kettering's Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Research. We'd appreciate it so much if you'd help us reach our $ 5,000 goal~.Thanks so much!

TCS New York City Marathon Anastasia S Taskin - Fred's Team.jpeg

Taskin Law & Mediation is a firm founded on creating value for businesses and individuals, encouraging productivity,
social impact and innovation, and inspiring financial independence.

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